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CDF’s Achievements during 2016/2019 Strategic Plan

1,828 (1652F,176M) CDF club members are informed on SRH, FGM, child marriage and teenage pregnancy, HIV prevention, communication for change and this information was streamed to 18,663 peers and 5,593 adults through public awareness sessions.


335 young women equipped with effective leadership and life skills, stirring them to be forefront of decisions that matter most to them through advocacy for women and girls’ rights on both national and international platforms.


117 (89 in-school and 28 out-of-school) clubs were established, enabling children and young women to report, seek help and support one another in incidents where they face violence. The confidence gained through CDF clubs enhanced children and young women’s understanding of their rights and they are now more vocal and analytical about the situation of boys and girls in Tanzania. There is an example of a girl who was abused at home and she was afraid to report to us but she was more open to report to club members who later reported the case to us and took initiative also to report to the police and gender desk in Mpwapwa.


597 girls and young increased their business and entrepreneurship skills and among them 228 young women running active Income Generating Activities (IGA) and improving their livelihood and financial capacity to afford basic needs and expenses like schools’ fees, rent, security and expand their business.


About 25 cases of violence against children were intervened by groups of men and boys who received the training, thereby reporting the cases to responsible authorities such as Police Gender and Children’s Desk, Children Helpline 116, and local government offices at village/streets and ward levels.


Over 9,000 men and boys were reached on children’s and women’s rights through interventions directly implemented by CDF and groups of men and male youth known as ‘CDF Fathers Groups.


More than 1,425 duty bearers including Police Officers, health care providers, magistrates, prosecutors, investigators and Social Welfare Officers have increased their knowledge on national and international instruments for children and women protection, providing timely psycho-social and counselling to VAWC survivors and management of GBV cases.


CDF has supported the existence of both formal and informal structures for protecting women and children at ward, district and regional level and there have been strong coordination, collaboration and communication in provision of comprehensive services to survivors of GBV/VAC among duty bearers, as a result of establishment of (1) Regional, (3) District WCPC in Mpwapwa, Tarime and Dar es Salaam. In addition, rehabilitation and equipping of 7 gender and children desks (Manyovu, Uvinza and Buhigwe), 1 police station and 1 One Stop Center at Mwananyamala government hospital.

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