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Child Protection and Participation

In contributing to Sustainable Development Goals number 3,4 and 5 which focuses on good health, quality education and gender equality.CDF focuses on strengthening child protection and participation mechanisms, both formal and informal through working closely with the Government and other stakeholders. It seeks to strengthen the capacity and agency of both duty bearers and right holders, for effective preventive and responsive actions aiming to ensure children are protected at all levels and live free from violence and abuse.

Access to Quality Justice among Child Survivors and Offenders

This focus on improving access to justice among children, and women, survivors of violence. Interventions under this strategic theme aims to improve protocols and practices of investigations, prosecutions and court proceedings of juvenile cases in Tanzania.

This is achieved through strengthening the capacity of duty bearers to ensure timely justice to survivors which includes addressing cases attrition, longer investigations, access to quality psychosocial services for recovery from trauma, and court proceeding as critical aspects to quality juvenile justice as provided in the Juvenile Court Rules.

The interventions also target to work with actors in the justice chain system to meet with community members in effort to raise community’s and children’s awareness of their rights to violence free life, operationalization of the criminal justice system, and cultivating confidence and trust to the Criminal Justice System which is an important prerequisite to ensure survivors and communities seek justice through the criminal justice system and not out-of-court settlements.

This strategic theme is in line with Tanzania’s Second 5 Year Child Justice Strategy (5YCJS) (2020/21-2025), contributing to NPA-VAWC Strategic Area 5: Implementation and Enforcement of Laws.

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