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CDF promotes a holistic advocacy approach which embodies the inclusion of all community actors, stakeholders and community members. The approaches aim at enabling the communities design own activities, generate own ideas, and develop information. The approaches promote children to contribute freely and express their views accordingly, and with confidence in front of other community members. Other elements of CDF’s specific approaches are listed hereunder

a) Advocacy: CDF employs an advocacy approach that creates social change and visibility in influencing or engineering change

b) Partnership: CDF’s partnership approach involves partnering with organisations that will compound CDF’s impact and voice. CDF’s partnering approach is guided by common cause and complementarity between children issues.

c) Participation: Participation approach by CDF centres on equitable representation of girls, boys, men and women.

d) Networking: CDF’s strategic networking is based on perceived impact or effect of the jointly executed activities, and or its advantages.

e) Capacity Building: CDF’s approaches to capacity building are based on promotion of knowledge development and training events that empower communities and sustain the change process. CDF focuses on promoting change processes that are both transformative and empowering.

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